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Markerstudy launches additional products with ‘barking mad’ consumer campaign for TRiCE App

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Markerstudy has announced that annual motor has joined the available products on its insurance app, TRiCE, with a national consumer TV campaign that is sure to get tongues wagging.

The app, which launched in October 2017 with pet, temporary motor and gadget insurance is debuting the additional product with a  mainstream TV advertising campaign utilising the theme of ‘puppy play’, a role-playing activity, said to have a 12,000 strong audience in the UK alone.

TRiCE is the brain child of Insurance Group Markerstudy and insure-tech platform provider RDT. Its unique selling point is its rating technology, powered by RDT which allows users to obtain a quote in seconds and is almost a minute faster than the nearest rival in most products.

Markerstudy Group Director of Marketing and Communications, Lizzie Smith-Foreman said: “We’ve been working to create a unique proposition in the market for some time, bridging the gap between insurance, technology and big data to make things easier for the end user. With a USP of significant time saving we knew that we had something really unique in the market but we have waited until we could boast a wider spectrum of products on the app before launching our consumer campaign. We’ve always done things a little bit differently and we’re anticipating that this will get tongues and tails ‘wagging’. We hope that consumers will love the app and the concept as much we do.”



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