Markerstudy ‘m-power’ innovators to come forward

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Dan Fiehn, Group Chief Operating Officer at Markerstudy, is leading an innovation revolution within the group. Responsible for Research and Development, he and his newly appointed m-power team are launching a platform for bleeding edge innovators and fintech start-ups to seek an audience with the tech-savvy insurance services group.

Dan said: “Re-branding our IT division six years ago to ‘m-powered’ was a strategic decision to move away from the traditional constructs of IT and create a new standard. We’ve come a very long way with empowering our teams since then, offering autonomy in decision-making, creativity and problem solving.

“In addition to my COO role, I’ve formed a hub of m-powerers, a collective of bright minds with the objective to transform. We crave ingenuity for competitive advantage, best-of-breed delivery and UX and I’m keen to illuminate the fearless fintechs and start-ups who are seeking an opportunity to showcase their ideas and have ambitions to accelerate away from the existing way of doing things. These are exciting times!”

Markerstudy is pledging a substantial investment fund for 2021 and will be holding “m-power parades” at their London office throughout the second half of the year.


Gareth Dorrian

Communications Manager