Markerstudy partner with A-rated Accredited on the launch of new Broker Home products

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Markerstudy is expanding its Household product portfolio following the arrangement to partner with A M Best A-rated Accredited Insurance on the launch of new Home Insurance products.

Amanda Fox, Head of Broker Management and Product Governance, said: “We’ve taken steps to venture into this market in a bid to bring new products to our broker network. Having had a predominantly wheels-based footprint, I’m excited to expand our presence further across the home insurance market”.

Gary Humphreys, Group Underwriting Director at Markerstudy comments: “We’re delighted to be working with new partner, Accredited Insurance, and broadening our product and service offering. Kevin Spencer and myself founded Markerstudy Group twenty years ago to this day, and during these two decades we’ve consistently sought new opportunities to move our business forwards. On this special day, I’d like to share a Star Wars quote that resonates with me - ‘your focus determines your reality’. May the force be with you!”