Markerstudy supports children’s charity to help alleviate poverty in north-east

Love, Amelia 6

More than 20 colleagues have spent over 150 hours volunteering this year

As part of its Q1 focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of ‘No Poverty’, Markerstudy Group is continuing to support Love, Amelia, a children’s charity offering support to families experiencing poverty and hardship across Tyne & Wear and County Durham.

This year alone, more than 20 colleagues from Markerstudy’s Sunderland office have spent over 150 hours volunteering with Love, Amelia, and that support goes back three years. Volunteers typically clean and sort through donations of clothing, equipment and toys to ensure they are safe and suitable to be distributed to families in the local area.

Commenting on Love, Amelia’s partnership with Markerstudy, CEO Steph Capewell said: “Having local companies involved with what we do is always great, and it’s been fantastic working with Markerstudy’s volunteers. They really do help to make a big difference.”

Markerstudy customer experience representative Georgina Anderson started a collection for the charity’s Mother's Day drive after seeing the difference the donations can make to people’s lives.

"A family member of mine received a Mother's Day gift last year from this amazing charity,” she explained. “She had left a relationship after suffering domestic violence and quickly found herself in a new home, alone with her young baby. Having very little money left over after setting up their new home, and now a single parent on her first Mother's Day, the gift did make her smile and feel appreciated. As much as she is a brilliant mum, just like the other recipients of these gifts, sometimes we do just need that little bit of validation, especially when facing tough times.”

Georgina’s Mother’s Day donation station received close to 50 items, ranging from toiletries and gift sets to chocolate and drinks. In total, almost 450 mothers received a charity gift pack this year.

By the end of Q1, Markerstudy’s colleagues from across the group had donated just short of 1,200 items, which have been given to over 20 charities across the country, helping the most vulnerable in foodbanks and homeless shelters.